Who are we?

My name is Rebecca from Toowoomba in SE Qld… I’m a die hard #Murderino, drinker of espresso martinis, collector of tattoos trying to navigate co-parenting life balance, two part-time jobs and this gig on the side! I have two small'ish humans and two Poodles.. Sir William Wallace, a Toy with an arsehole attitude who suffers from middle child syndrome... And in late 2021 we welcomed our second son, Lord Louie Lyssandria, a Standard and the absolute most clumsy and ballsy puppy I've ever met.
I started the original Poodle and Peach - formerly named Get Fob'd - as a side hustle back in April 2018 and after a huge journey of growth and self awareness I made the decision in late 2020 to rebrand and start again...
What's the best thing to do with a half decent established and known earring brand - chuck it in the bin and start again... Because why the fuck not?
The name comes from an obsession with my Poodle and the need to keep myself open to profanity plus I was sick of explaining to people what a bag fob was and why I ceased making them. So Poodle and Peach *insert emoji* was launched in February 2021...
I use both acrylic and resin mediums to make my earrings - the latter being my downtime and mental break - so I make them simply as I please. 
All of my artworks are from 'other' artists, I can not draw! But I credit all artists in my posts and on my listings so you can find them and support them directly too! Supporting not just small business, but ethical and wholesome fellow artists and creatives has always been the forefront of my business and I am forever evolving and learning new shit about myself and the industry as a whole.
The fight against mass produced shit from AliExpress like planar resins and art theft is something I am quite vocal about and it's so disheartening to see this still playing out in 2024.
And there we have it. The long unedited version of About Me.
Stay Sexy & Do God's Mission - #iykyk