Peachy Poodle Retractable Badge Reel KayBee's Poodle Rescue

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Welcome to Poodle + Peach

Our retractable badge reels can be used on belt loops or top pockets to hold keys, ID passes, security tags etc. Popular for nursing staff, office workers and teaching peoples.

With each POODLE item purchased we contribute to the funding of Poodle Rescue Qld

Products include a $10 'gift' to Poodle Rescue Qld...

    • Pins
    • Keychains
    • Pop Sockets
    • Retractable Badge Reels
    • Coasters

Products include a $15 'gift' to Poodle Rescue Qld...

    • Tumblers
    • Candles
    • Earrings

The Fancy Details

  • Dimensions - 50mm x 40mm
  • Acrylic glued with EXTRA strength super glue attached to a pull out tractable badge/key holder
  • PLEASE ALWAYS check the acrylic is firmly attached to avoid any harm
  • High quality printing process on clear acrylic
  • You’re supporting a small Handmade business

    All artworks are purchased from independent artist expressing their interpretations under fan art. I purchase their commercial licences and have written permission to reproduce at commercial quantity...

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