Trick OR Treat Trio! Croc Charms

Trick OR Treat Trio! Croc Charms

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Welcome to Poodle & Peach!

Trick or Treat Jizz-Bitz, I'll send you a random mix of 3 from the 8 pictured horror movie favourites!

Also available, the full set of 8 Jizz-Bitz as well as on earrings and keychains!

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate these amphibious rubber footwear things… The reality is these charms make wearing them inevitable. Iconic in fact! Pop them on, flick yo Poodle & Peach Charms on them and strut that shit!

And the finer points!

  • 30mm each in size
  • Curated style 3 packs
  • Printed acrylic
  • Sturdy plastic base

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