House of.... BRAVERY Pandora's Boxes

House of.... BRAVERY Pandora's Boxes

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School of Witchcraft and Wizards!

Our school bundles will be available in all FOUR Wizarding Houses. Except I ran out of Gryffindor bath bombs..

What you get?
💙Soy Wax Candle by @bellawickco
🤎Goats Milk Soap from @divinedelightsbathbodyandsoul

This pack will be $22.95 each


  • You’re supporting a small handmade business
  • Indulge, relax and geek the fuck out
  • It's noice, it's different, its unusual...


  • Customers have been known to be swarmed in public due to awesomeness
  • You will receive endless comments which can result in a raging confidence
  • May not ever financially recover from this and you'll be broke as shit


All bullshit aside, I love what I create in my home studio and your support is pretty fucking rad! So thank you! You are amazing.


Rebecca + Wallace xx