Leopard Rainbow Wire Headband by Pegs Pinups

Leopard Rainbow Wire Headband by Pegs Pinups

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We have been lucky enough to uncover a box of Bunny Bands in the studio which we thought were long gone! Left over from market stock, we thought it best to get them on the heads of The Squad.


Handmade in Central Queensland by Peggy and Al from Pegs Pinups, they are a OSFM wire headband, hand washable with a silicone coating over the wire to keep them from rusting.



  • You’re supporting a small Handmade business
  • OSFM - the smaller the head the bigger the bow
  • It's noice, it's different, its unusual...


  • Customers have been known to be swarmed in public due to awesomeness
  • You will receive endless comments which can result in a raging confidence
  • May not ever financially recover from this and you'll be broke as shit


All bullshit aside, I love what I create in my home studio and your support is pretty fucking rad! So thank you! You are amazing...

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