Psyduck - Gaming Legends - Acrylic Statement Earrings

Psyduck - Gaming Legends - Acrylic Statement Earrings

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When creating this range, I certainly had no lack of inspiration. Back in the 90's when I truly believed I was Sporty Spice and my Tamagotchi was my fucking LIFE!

We have practically everything from the 90's available on Earrings except for bowl cuts and The Spice Girls - sorry - so check the other listings before checking out!

I hope these bring back that little bit of Nostalgia for you. Enjoy.


A total length of 50mm long and 50mm wide.


  • You’re supporting a small Handmade business
  • High quality printing process on recycled acrylic
  • Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel posts and and butterfly style backs
  • It's noice, it's different, its unusual...


  • Customers have been known to be swarmed in public due to awesomeness
  • You will receive endless comments which can result in a raging confidence
  • May not ever financially recover from this and you'll be broke as shit


All bullshit aside, I love what I create in my home studio and your support is pretty fucking rad! So thank you! You are amazing...

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